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In the new normal, online and mobile learning is more than a convenience.  It's a necessity. Learners want the right help WHEN  and WHERE they need it.

Relatable Learning delivers state-of-the-art skill building for college and adult learners

Many of today's learners struggle to complete college and career coursework. With additional barriers and uncertainties resulting from COVID-19, more students need  relevant, timely and effective help to master the basic reading, writing, and math skills.

We deliver on what matters to students!

Minutes matter

Time is precious. Ten minutes is an opportunity to check something out on the phone, make a list, finally try to understand that thing, practice for that test, prepare for an interview. Get it done. Ready to go ⏤  on the mobile phone or any computer ⏤ at the coffee shop, on the train, at home while taking care of others.

Relevance matters

Relatable, meaningful instruction in context. Academic assistance that is available exactly when and where needed for understanding and progress ⏤ in online assignments, coursework, and training. Why skills matter and how to apply them in real-world situations.

Individual preference matters 

No two learners are the same. Most have strong opinions about how they like to learn. Some just need to refresh. Others need to start at square one. Some are good readers; others are good at math. Some prefer playing a game. Some like to work through everything that's available. What's important is welcoming everyone to the party ⏤ engaging all kinds of learners, empowering their choices and motivating them to improve.

Keeping on track matters

Mastering foundational skills ⏤ critical thinking, reading, speaking, and writing ⏤ is not just about getting a good grade in one assignment or in one course.  It's about building strong personal competencies for seizing opportunities and conquering the challenges ahead in life and work. And students know this. That's why they work hard to stay on track and move toward their goals. 

Building confidence matters

No one goes from novice to expert overnight. It takes time, practice, and a supportive environment. Whatever the problem is ⏤ a grammar mistake, using a math formula, or writing a topic sentence ⏤ relevant feedback and encouragement are essential for confidence. And confident students are successful students.

JUICE your skills!


Thousands of students have already benefited from JUICE ⏤ our new learning experience. Read what users have to say.


JUICE is an online and mobile interactive, game-based instruction and practice platform. It's designed to meet the needs of adults learning and mastering core academic skills, including reading, writing, and math. Learners choose from real-world scenarios and friendly, low-stakes games to practice and master foundational skills.


Customizable competency-based modules from our growing library are easy to embed in assignments or in any online and mobile coursework. Lessons are aligned to College and Career Readiness standards.

The micro-learning technology platform is designed for flexible growth, providing data for learning research and content quality. It features rapid publishing and revision tools to support the ongoing evolution of teaching and learning.

JUICE is proven to increase retention (re-enrollment), based on our grant-funded research data showing 11% higher retention for all JUICE users and 17% higher retention for users age 26 and over. 

How It Works

How it works

JUICE provides students a motivating interactive and game-based learning experience  in the context of online and mobile coursework. For educators, our shared library of customizable competency-based modules are ready to embed in relevant coursework and assignments. Our micro-learning technology platform is designed for flexible growth, with data for learning research and content quality ⏤ supporting accessibility and effectiveness for all learners.

Interactive, game-based learning

A flexible competency-based
module library

JUICE gives students their own interactive and game-based learning environment for mastering academic competencies and skills. JUICE welcomes all learners with opportunities to make progress on their own terms using real-world scenarios they choose.


Learners have choices — different ways to get the facts, build understanding, and take risks on low-stakes practice with detailed, encouraging feedback to try again.

Competency-based modules 





JUICE modules present ways to identify, understand, and learn key supporting skills for a specific competency:

  • Guides learners to supporting skills, presented in a unified problem-solving context. 

  • Offers a tour,  narrated audio guide, and context clues to help identify the right skill.

  • The Challenge Wheel game helps them check what they know and need to practice. It tracks progress, so learners can come back and keep improving!


Skill Workouts

Learners can choose interactive ways to get started, understand concepts, and practice applying each specific skill ⏤ engaging, short, and thorough:

  • The step-by-step Overview tells the story with clear examples, visuals, study aids, and full audio narration.

  • A choice of step-by-step Try It tutorials walk through exactly how to
    apply the skill in different real-world
    contexts, with detailed feedback and
    encouraging hints.


  • A selection of low-stakes Challenge games check mastery, give detailed feedback on all answers with  encouragement to try again, and celebrate success! 

We offer a growing online collection of competency-based modules for  foundational academic skills.


You can easily add a link in online assignments and courses to any competency, specific skill, or  interactive resources, where relevant or required.

Competencies available
for Fall 2020

(Contact us for a complete list of skills)


Critical Reading Strategies


Paragraph Writing,

Essay Writing,

Common Grammar Mistakes, 

Logical Argument,




Fractions, and Percents,

Using formulas,  

Problem-solving with units and cost,

Working with measurements,

Ratios and Proportions


Basic Probability



A modular micro-learning platform

Relatable Learning software-as-a-service enables context-driven personalized academic skill building, embeddable in any courseware or learning management system for online, mobile and accessible learning. Our tools make it easy for educators and course designers to select and add JUICE links in and alongside online assignments, either as required work or as a recommended resource for pre-requisite skills. Relatable Learning supports rapid integration for any standards-based learning management system and can have you up and running in under 2 weeks.


Our learning and content services support customization and efficient content publishing for new skills and competencies. ​With a flexible and competency-based framework, our cloud platform is standards-based, designed for expansion, and instrumented for data.


What users say

“I think JUICE was a great resource!"
"Very easy to learn that way, and fun!”
"I like that it was a real exercise."
"If you have the visual and also audio, it makes it easier for you to learn."

Working adults attending college online

Our story

Our story

Our founding team led design and development of the most widely used online learning product in US higher education ⏤ MyMathLab from Pearson

Relatable Learning was started by Mary Ann Perry in early 2019, following successful completion of a 4-year higher education innovation project that was funded by a US Department of Education First in the World grant. 


Today's Relatable Learning JUICE platform is based on the original grant charter to re-imagine and research an effective, scalable alternative to conventional academic remediation ⏤ to measurably improve academic outcomes for underserved and non-traditional students pursuing postsecondary credentials and degrees. 

Research results  The results of randomized control trial research study and extensive pilot testing provide compelling evidence that JUICE offers a welcome and effective new approach to help online learners acquire and refresh critical academic skills in the context of regular coursework and assignments. ​We know this from the high levels of voluntary student engagement and usage, along with strong evidence of increased student re-enrollment (retention) for the ones who actively engaged with JUICE Learning resources during the 12-month research period:

  • 11% higher retention for all JUICE users

  • 17% higher retention for JUICE users age 26 and older

As a public benefit corporation, Relatable Learning's mission is to help more educators, institutions, and adult training programs empower all learners' academic and career success.

Get started

Join our pilot testing program

Join our pilot tests and discover the benefits of just-in-time, contextualized academic instruction and assistance.


Engage all students, connect learning to their real world and help nontraditional and underprepared learners persist and gain the confidence to succeeed.

Create your own 

We work with
colleges, publishers, and employers
to customize and create
new modules⏤ for private or shared use
We can also support your research
to understand and improve learning
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