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Our JUICE  mission

Welcome to Relatable Learning and JUICE!  

We are Relatable Learning, a public benefit corporation dedicated to expanding adult learners' access and opportunities to build the basic math, literacy, and problem solving skills they need for the jobs they want.

Over 35 million US adults need better foundational math and literacy skills to reach their life and career goals


At Relatable Learning our mission is to reduce barriers and expand access to education and training for adult learners by providing new, more integrated and contextualized tools for building the foundational math, literacy, and problem-solving competencies they need to succeed.

We are pleased to share this endorsement of JUICE's online tutorial and skill building capabilities for job training from, the nationally respected adult education assessment provider:


JUICE has the potential to dramatically increase access and utilization of valuable Integrated and Education Training (IET) and Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) government funding sources for adult education and training.

With the JUICE learning system, teachers and trainers can target specific foundational skills necessary for educational and job training purposes. They can enable individual students to work independently to build and practice those skills in real-world problem-solving contexts.  After grant-funded development and extensive pilot testing, we are now offering JUICE learning services to adult schools and career training program partners.


Empowering interactive & game-based learning

Our unique interactive and game-based learning design is research-validated, based solidly on adult learning theory, and follows a competency-based tutorial learning approach. JUICE succeeds at motivating adults, helping them understand and practice applying skills in real world and career-specific contexts. JUICE is proven to help adult learners build persistence and celebrate their own success. 


Learners starting at different levels can make different choices and all get the amount of tutorial support, feedback, and practice they need. 


With flexible online linking and mobile access, teachers and curriculum builders can easily incorporate links to JUICE lessons and interactive resources in online assignments. By providing JUICE links where and when student are most likely to need review and practice, programs can deliver the tutorial guidance and support that many students need to complete assignments and keep on track. 

With easy online and mobile access for self-guided study, JUICE interactive and game-based tutorials enable adults to independently practice skills in real life and job-specific contexts.


Even for older adult learners, JUICE's self-directed learning design is proven to motivate and support them as they independently guide their own learning and practice. JUICE has a track record of enabling many adult learners to break through to mastery with confidence in their skills.

Proven results

Along with extensive pilot testing and positive feedback from teachers, assessors, and learners, our research results provide promising evidence.


The JUICE independent grant-funded research study showed that when online college course assignments offered contextually relevant links to JUICE lessons for review of a required foundational skill, over half of the learners chose to use JUICE for independent review and practice, resulting in improved persistence: 

The JUICE grant-funded research study provides substantially
promising evidence of improved student retention:

11% higher retention for all JUICE users

>  17% higher retention for users age 26 and over


Flexible, integrated skill building

JUICE's modular competency-based skills library makes it easy to direct a class or individual students to specific JUICE lessons for skills they need to review and practice.


For example, you can link students in career training classes to specific skills they need apply on the job, such as finding percentages, measuring for perimeter, communicating with the correct verb tense, or correcting punctuation errors.


JUICE puts each learner in the driver's seat. The choice and depth of tutorial learning and practice options all work together to encourage persistence and completion​.


Designed specifically for adults, JUICE motivates each learner to make learning choices, set their own pace, and get as much practice they need.


JUICE games enable learners to informally check their skills, practice in problem-solving contexts, and get detailed feedback and encouragement. These self-guided interactive choices motivate learners to try again and get the practice they need to build confidence for real-world and on-the-job responsibilities.

Skills in context: For work and life

The JUICE Measurements Module.png

JUICE enables younger and older adults to build foundational skills required for real-world and career-specific tasks. Teachers can make JUICE available by adding links in online course assignments or by directing students to JUICE modules and lessons in adult education classes. Students can easily navigate independently to practice skills and track their work in JUICE.


Each JUICE module or lesson tutors and practice skills for a specific purpose, as in the examples shown above. For each skill students can choose how they want to learn and practice, including in-depth tutorials and short practice games with detailed feedback and encouragement.

  • A step-by-step Overview help adults review and understand the basics at their own pace, with examples, tips, and full audio narration.

  • One or more Interactive Try It tutorials show how to apply a skill with step-by-step guidance, detailed answer feedback, and encouragement.

  • Motivating Challenge games engage and motivate students to practice skill and build confidence. Learners can find out what they know and get the extended practice and feedback that many people need to break through to mastery.

Unparalleled flexibility

With JUICE you have flexible access and integration options to support a wide range of teaching and training needs.


Whether for face-to-face, online, blended, hybrid, or hy-flex courses, JUICE offers basic skills learning and guided tutorial practice that many adults need to build skills and confidence. 

Programs and teachers can choose how to provide access to JUICE for classes or for individual study:


Automatic sign-in for online classes   JUICE offers built-in support for online course management and online classes. Once the JUICE tool is installed for your school, it's easy to add links in online assignments. Students can open JUICE assignments with no additional sign-in required

Direct web sign-in option   Alternatively, your students can sign in directly on the JUICE website ( to practice the recommended or required skills. Your school can provide access for students enrolled in classes, training, or those waiting for skills preparation programs to begin. 


Tracking and reporting 

JUICE is welcoming to adult learners and easy to navigate. All students' work is saved and remains available, so they can return, review, and continue practicing at any time.


Teachers and tutors can track students' work by downloading detailed activity reports, which include in-depth detail on students' learning activities and time on task.


JUICE supports accessibile access for all learners. And, our platform provides data for research on learning efficacy and curriculum quality improvement.

 See what our users have to say!

How It Works
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Products and Services

The JUICE Readiness Library is available for educator preview access and for subscription licensing. This modular library of research-based, proven competency-based modules and lessons are ready to use. Our team can show how easy it is to add links in online courses and assignments, or provide direct sign-in access.


Contact us about our first career-specific JUICE program for Nurse Assistant Training, now in development. This program will support foundational skills and competencies identified by pilot partners to be commonly challenging and critical for training, certification, and success on the job. 

JUICE Readiness Library
-> Ready to go!


JUICE for Nurse Assistant Training  -> Join our pilot 

The JUICE Readiness Library for high school diploma skills


The JUICE Readiness Library is designed specifically to enable adults to build required skills and the confidence they need for a high school diploma, career training, and real-world success.


  • Contact us for a demo

    We offer institutional pricing and a special introductory offer for Fall 2023, which includes instructor training.

As a modular, basic skills instructional system, JUICE flexibly supports independent study and class-based instruction and practice.


Each competency-based module provides basic skill “workouts” that foster self-guided learning with low-stakes practice and informal skills validation


JUICE gives young and older adults the extended practice they need to break through to mastery.

JUICE integrated education and training (IET) pIlot project


We are actively partnering with adult training programs to design, develop, and pilot test a new JUICE curriculum that will provide integrated foundational skills building for nurse assistant trainees.

  • Contact us to join our pilot project


Pilot test in your program or school and qualify for discounted pricing.


Benefits of joining:

  • Provide input on students' top foundational skills needs.

  • Participate in reviewing curriculum and testing prototypes.

  • Meet peers and exchange ideas and solutions.

  • Receive discounted pricing at product release!

A Closer Look


Here is a quick preview of what's in a JUICE lesson, including all of the interactive and game-based learning options and features. JUICE's flexible competency-based framework and publishing capabilities are standards-based, designed for growth, and instrumented for learning data. Contact us for an introduction and demonstration!

JUICE gives individual learners the help and practice they need
to b
uild problem-solving skills and confidence.

The Overview in each lesson provides a self-paced, comprehensive introduction to what student needs to know and how to apply the skill. Overviews provide a full audio narration feature along with step-by-step examples, links to visual aids, and study tips.

Try It Tutorials guide learners through each step as they apply the skill in a specific problem solving example. Students get detailed tutorial feedback on their answers and encouragement to try again and keep working. Try It Tutorials also provide embedded tips, visuals, and links to study aids.

JUICE Challenge Games in each lesson motivate learners to take a chances, apply the skill to solve problems, get feedback on their answers, try again, and celebrate success! By playing these short informal games students can check their own mastery and get extended practice applying the skill in many new questions. Challenge games provide in-depth tutorial feedback and tons of encouragement. Students can play many times for more practice and enjoy celebrating their success on the scoreboard! 

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What our users say

“JUICE is like chocolate ice cream on a summer Sunday!"

Older adult who struggled with math

Our Team

Our experienced team led design and development of the most widely used online tutorial learning product in US higher education.

As a public benefit corporation, we are dedicated to bringing new and better online and mobile technology-based basic skills services and solutions to support adult learners, teachers, and their education and training programs. 


JUICE makes it possible for training programs to provide integrated, online self-directed skill building practice as part of career training programs. 

JUICE research and customer success   


Relatable Learning team and JUICE platform began with a 4-year Department of Education grant and challenge to re-imagine remedial math and literacy education for adult learners.


Our initial grant-funded program included a randomized control trial research study to evaluate the impact of JUICE on adults enrolled in the first year of their online degree program.  The research results, along with additional pilot test feedback played a key role in the decision to start Relatable Learning and work to make JUICE widely available.

The causal analysis of our research study results showed strong evidence of increased student re-enrollment (retention) for adults who actively engaged with JUICE Learning resources during the 12-month research period:

  • 11% higher retention for all JUICE users

  • 17% higher retention for JUICE users age 26 and older

Along with our initial research results and extensive pilot test feedback, our customer testimonials tell the JUICE story, along with our recent endorsement from!

Our story
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